Be Your Own Boss!!!
Considered the internet web future lately?

Imagine unlimited sales potential in the internet industry. Virtual malls and catalog and many other hi-tech advertisements - dynamic and creative graphic team to work with you and your customer. Show the customer current web pages so that their ideas can soar - as well as their sales.

Unilimited sales opportunities available. . . Earn an initial 20% commission on the web design from a customer. Then, every month, earn 20% from thier monthly maintenance for the web hosting service. Even if its a one time deal, you make out like a bandit!

You work on your own - similar to MLM's, you use your own resources, create your own team. There is no 'cap' and no weekly sales status reports. Its like being in business for yourself - which basically, you are.

There's no contract to sign. No commitments. No ties. Once they see what has been done, and the turnaround - they will stay.

Hundreds of thousands of people access the internet on a daily, if not hourly basis. The advertising potential can not be measured.

Can you start to imagine the potential? Can you see the future? Contact compuSOURCE

Web Designer
Requirements: Photoshop, HTML
Desired: Java, JavaScript, CGI (Perl), PHP, MySQL

Webmaster/Systems Administrator
Requirements: Knowledge of Unix, NT, and Cisco IP Routing

Sales & Marketing Personal
Basic Knowledge of Computers

Basic Knowledge of Computers



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Internet connections
Web Design, Web Designers
VOIP, DSL, T1, DS3 (Internet access)
Email & Web hosting
Dedicated Servers
Content Filtering
Video Conferencing and Computer Rental


CompuSOURCE Web design in Miami and IT Consultation is here to help. You can contact us sending an email, calling us, or going to support site, we will be helping you any time you need it. Our area of coverage span the South Florida area.

DVR (Digital Video Recording)

Today, security is more important than ever. Thanks to the newest technology you can now monitor your company, home, or property from anywhere Video Surveillance


Let our experienced team of highly technical professionals help you with unmatched video communications, consulting and network design. The CompuSOURCE.net Technical Team has extensive experience in equipment rental and setup for trade shows and conventions