IT Consultant

CompuSOURCE IT consultant in Miami specializes in developing flexible IT frameworks and processes to help small and big companies succed in the fast paced technological world of today.

CompuSOURCE IT consultant in services in Miami and South Florida will help you improve operations concearning your business by applying the latest technologies available such as Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Exchange Server, SQL Server, Outlook messaging services, Quickbooks, Fishbowl, VMware, and Linux/GNU solutions.

Whether you need a single flowchart or an entire business model to be mapped out, revised, and/or automated, CompuSOURCE is the number one IT Services provider in MIami and South Florida and will provide a unique technological solution that trully fits your needs. The CompuSOURCE Miami IT consultants team will help you find or develope the right software for your business.

Compusource IT consultants in Miami will provide you with the right expertise and professionally trained staff to help you restructure, move to a new location, expand, or improve operations. Contact us today and see how easy it is for CompuSOURCE to help you succeed!

Some of the Miami IT services provided by CompuSOURCE for the South Florida area are:

  • Database creation, migration and data entry modules.
  • Website Hosting and Design.
  • High Speed Internet access.
  • E-commerce solutions.
  • Video Conferencing and Teleprescence solutions.
  • Digital Video Surveillance.
  • Natural search engine optimizing (SEO).
  • Object and data modeling as well as smart software design.
  • Custom made software development and special consulting services.

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Internet connections
Web Design, Web Designers
VOIP, DSL, T1, DS3 (Internet access)
Email & Web hosting
Dedicated Servers
Content Filtering
Video Conferencing and Computer Rental


CompuSOURCE Web design in Miami and IT Consultation is here to help. You can contact us sending an email, calling us, or going to support site, we will be helping you any time you need it. Our area of coverage span the South Florida area.

DVR (Digital Video Recording)

Today, security is more important than ever. Thanks to the newest technology you can now monitor your company, home, or property from anywhere Video Surveillance


Let our experienced team of highly technical professionals help you with unmatched video communications, consulting and network design. The Technical Team has extensive experience in equipment rental and setup for trade shows and conventions