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At CompuSOURCE, our mission is to be your IT partner for the long term. That is why we seek to understand your business inside out. With our expertise and experience, we can fully diagnose your system and operations, understand your every need, and work towards building the right solution with IT Consulting.

Our goal is to help your business propel forward through technology, regardless of the size of your business. Whether you have your own IT team or not, you can count on us to bring out the best results for you. Our team of skilled IT specialists can take on any IT challenge, from custom software programs to managed services, to security.

We are the jack of all trades in all aspects of IT, covering every business challenge and needs.

Our team is available any time to assist you in case of an emergency. Our dedicated support services work around the clock to make sure that your business is running with maximum efficiency. Our experience in various industries has helped us grow both in skill and performance, and we hope to do the same for you.

IT Services to Maximize Your Potential

Is Your IT Strategy Crafted for Success?

At CompuSOURCE, we aim to break down technological barriers with customized and affordable solutions, helping your business reach its maximum potential. Finding the right solutions for the right challenges can be confusing. Especially if your business doesn’t have the expertise or resources to spare to come up with innovative solutions. That is why many businesses often end up investing in the wrong IT services and software that results in inefficient processes and limits their growth.

At CompuSOURCE, we seek to help businesses make the right investments through our expert IT consulting and access to a wide range of IT services.

Whether you are looking to improve your IT infrastructure or if you need immediate support with your current one, our team of IT consultants can quickly assess your situation and provide you with a long or short term IT consulting services, allowing you to concentrate on the success of your business.

Our goal is to build long term relationship with our clients and we strive towards helping businesses align their activities and IT priorities in a way that makes technology the real competitive advantage.

Our IT Support team will allow you:

  • Reduce and cut cost on operating IT expenses
  • Provide you access to our wide spectrum of internal IT resources, ranging from system administration to website and application developers.
  • Improve productivity through knowledge sharing
  • Gain access to vendor support
  • Create a technological edge over the competition

Our IT Consulting Services include:

  • IT services planning and budget forecasting
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Custom Servers and Storage
  • IT security
  • Backup and Disaster recovery
  • Cloud Hosted Solutions
  • Business Continuity planning
  • 24/7 Helpdesk Support

Need a second opinion on your network equipment?

Technology should never be an afterthought when it comes to running your business. As IT Consultants, we believe it should be one of the main considerations whenever the topic of improvements comes up in your company meetings. And we know it can be difficult to wrap your head around all the technology you have in your environment. It is because there are so many devices, cables, technical terms, and software in your business, and only a few people in your staff understand it. This is where IT Consulting can be helpful for you.

When it comes to technology, it’s never a good idea to leave it to chance. We know what it’s like to experience technical issues when you have a business to run. CompuSOURCE can assist with all your IT needs. Our clients consistently come to us for their IT work because they know they can rely on us to solve their technology problems and to prevent future ones from occurring. Not only can we help you with your frustration with anything IT related, but we can also upgrade your current infrastructure.

There are so many questions that you may have if you are deciding to upgrade your current system. For example, how I do know if I am getting the most out of my current equipment? Or, would it be better to upgrade my server since it’s no longer supported?

We help businesses such as yourself to answer these critical questions. Our professional and skilled IT consultants can guide you for the best option to choose based on your budget and needs.

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