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Thanks for visiting CompuSOURCE. We are an IT/Internet Service Provider Company serving the Miami area. With 20 years of experience, we provide the best service to our customers. Our experts are ready to help you with your requirement. We like to give the best attention and quality they deserve.

We know how important it is that your business or home is safe, so we will provide you with the best experience. Our equipment is the best in the market and at very low prices. Each installation is handled with great care and we guarantee the work. You can contact us at our office numbers and see what you want.

We will install the best system for your company. We offer different packages according to your needs and the best prices in the market. Our company invests every day in new technologies that will allow you to have the best system. The closed circuits are the safest in the world. You can test it at any time. Thanks for choosing us.

Now you can see the cameras from the App on your phone or tablet. You can also do it through your computer. The equipment is of high quality and with 2-year warranty included. The surveillance system will allow you to monitor 24/7 and you can also record and rewind at any time. Whenever we do an installation, we take care that it is safe.

Security Cameras Installation for Miami, Doral, Miramar, Coral Gables, Miami Beach.

We will show you the importance of selecting your security camera according to the use to which you want to put our system, without spending a fortune in the process.

Security cameras installation has the task of capturing images by transforming the visible scene observed by a Camera Lens and projected upon a Camera Sensor, converting it into an electric digital signal to be further processed and transmitted.

For an informed decision when choosing from security cameras system installation equipment for your CCTV video system in the Miami area you have to take into account a few considerations:

  • The task that security cameras systems are intended to perform (detection, assessment, alarm, identification, documentation).
  • The overall characteristics of the system you specify according to the actual application (space to observe, details, sensitivity).
  • The light available at the selected location, its amount and variability.
  • The environment, exposed or protected.
  • Location, where the actual camera will be installed.
  • The cost.

To consider the alternatives of the different types of security cameras installed in the Miami area, you should examine the characteristics as follows:

  • Color vs. Black & White security camera
  • Outdoor vs. Indoor environment surveillance camera
  • Fixed lens vs. varifocal lens security camera
  • Dome vs. Bullet security camera
  • Infrared vs. light amplification surveillance camera
  • Fixed vs. PTZ security camera
  • Environment

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