Small Business VoIP

Small Business VoIP defines a class of VoIP solutions that are suitable for smaller companies. Some vendors allow this to mean reduced feature sets, quality, or support.

In our opinion, small business VoIP should include all of the features and capabilities that bigger companies get. As a result, small business and big business VoIP solutions are one and the same. The means that the needs of small businesses compared to an enterprise-size organization do not necessarily differ. The size of the organizations are the differentiating factor.

Catering to the needs of all Businesses

The features and necessary tools are certainly the same – the ability to make and receive calls over the internet, handle virtual voicemail for all employees, and add standard features like call forwarding, auto-attendant greetings, music on hold, and so on. Beyond that, a good provider, such as CompuSOURCEwill handle conferencing, call recording, ACD queues, direct dialing and transfers between extensions. Furthermore, these features need to be available for employees located in the office or working from a distance. Solutions must allow the use of VoIP at home or in branch offices, cell phones, and landlines.

Clearly the requirements for small business VoIP systems are different than residential VoIP. Residences usually don’t need to transfer or route calls to departments. But the right kind of VoIP phone system for small businesses, with its associated quality and features, can be a good choice for residential use.


VoIP Phone System

Small business VoIP solutions come with all the features and capabilities of our high-end VoIP phone system. As one of the first hosted PBX providers, we’ve been enhancing our service for over 20 years and offer the deepest feature set in the market. Our expansive history also means that we have had the opportunity to accommodate a wide range of business types; including franchises, government and campaign offices, remote workers, call centers, sales organizations, one-person shops, multiple location enterprises, and everything in between. Get started by comparing our plans and pricing, or give us a call! We are standing by to answer any questions you may have.


Take your small business to the next level with a professional, modern phone service. CompuSOURCE has a cloud-based business phone system that offers advanced features, easy setup, and reliable service – all for an affordable price.


Tailored to small, medium, and large businesses.

CompuSOURCE’s phone systems deliver a powerful set of enterprise-grade and productivity-enhancing VoIP features tailored to small and medium business organizations.

Custom to your preferences and needs.

Advanced features like auto attendants, custom greetings, voicemail to email and video conferencing are delivered at a competitive price for a dramatically lower total cost of ownership.

Everything you need and more.

Any small business or startup now has access to a full-featured phone system that previously would’ve cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. No IT department? No problem. Our small business phone solutions are easy enough for anyone to set up and come standard with advanced features, so even very small businesses can give customers an enterprise-quality experience.


Want calls to get a live answer from a sales or support queue during office hours and hit an auto attendant after hours? Want to page all agents at once to save time and energy? Learn how easy it can be with our small business phone solution.


The ability to page a group, transfer a call to someone’s voicemail, connect 10 people to a conference bridge, or listen to your messages on your smartphone are not only possible but simple. That’s the power of a small business phone system.


How long does a small business phone system last?

That depends. If you have a traditional, on-premises phone system, where you purchase the system and maintain it in your office, then your phone system has an average lifespan of five to seven years.

How to choose the best small business phone system for your business?

When choosing the best small business phone system for your business, you want to look for a phone system that’s:

  • – Affordable. Leading small business phone systems offer access to enterprise-grade features without breaking the budget.
  • – Mobile. You’ll want the ability to run your business from anywhere and empower your employees to be productive no matter where they are.
  • – Scalable. Nothing should stifle your company’s growth—especially not your phone system.
  • – Professional. Advanced voice features help deliver positive customer experiences over the phone.
  • – Reliable. With the right system, you should never have to miss a call.
What is a PBX system for small business?

A PBX (private branch exchange) system for small business is a phone system that connects your office phones to the public switch telephone network (PSTN). The small business PBX manages incoming and outgoing calls, both from internal extensions and external numbers. A PBX impacts almost every aspect of your business, including your budget, employee productivity, and customer care. Without a PBX system, your business is left with no ability to direct calls to specific departments or employees. An outside call will ring every phone, and there are no extensions enabling one-on-one calling within the office.

All-in-one communication and collaboration

An integrated solution for phone, web and video conferencing, and collaboration. It’s everything you need to supercharge productivity—all at one incredible value.

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