About Us

Providing IT Services to Miami for Over 30 Years

More than 30 Years of IT Experience

In 1987, CompuSOURCE was incorporated as a computer company. In 1996, CompuSOURCE moved into consulting work and Internet related services. Since then, with the addition of substantial capital and resources, CompuSOURCE has focused exclusively on providing high-quality Internet Web Hosting services. Internet backbones are located in the same building, leading to faster Internet connections, lower costs, and greater reliability. 

We are currently expanding our Network Operations Center filled with qualified people trained to help you. A lot of changes in technology have happened since 1987 and we are always exploring new innovations in computer technology to assist our customers. From internet service to high quality video surveillance, our 30-plus years of experience allow us to offer you value and expertise. Call or contact us today for your IT needs.