Video Surveillance

Keeping Your Miami Home or Business Safe

Reduce Loss

By conducting pre-event planning meeting, we can make sure that your WiFi network is designed and deployed for success.

Easy Installation

Our expert installation team has set up hundreds of video surveillance systems and has the skills to prove.

Enhanced Safety

Security cameras positioned throughout a business help to prevent crimes, break-ins, and vandalism.


CompuSOURCE creates lower cost video surveillance solutions for your business by tailoring your system just to your needs.

Remote Monitoring

You can monitor the activity on your surveillance feeds from anywhere in the world with a connection to the Internet.

Customer Confidence

With a video surveillance system in your business, your customers can be at ease knowing they are safe.

Miami Surveillance Solutions

Live Video Monitoring Solutions

Being able to monitor the employee and customer activity at your business is a top concern of business owners.  With a custom video surveillance system from CompuSOURCE, you can monitor your camera system from anywhere in the world from a smartphone with an internet connection.  This peace of mind is invaluable and gives the business owner the freedom to be away from the office.

Event-Based Surveillance

CompuSOURCE is Miami's leading provider of mobile surveillance solutions to secure your local public event.  Video surveillance at these type of events has a range of applications, including public safety, crowd management, traffic management, and gathering information.  Our surveillance systems can be installed in just about any location and can provide your next event with an economical security solution.

Professional Design & Installation

CompuSOURCE uses only cutting edge video surveillance equipment for each installation.  Our team of expert installers specializes in deploying video systems that protect your home or business.  The qualified technician assigned to your installation will test each piece of equipment to ensure your surveillance system is working properly and give you the required training.